Does this Market Tool Track Sales or Offers?

This market tool is mainly designed to analyze sale prices. You can only see items in the item list which have a tracked sale.

How Does this Market Tool Track Sales?

Unfortunatly this isn't data which is provided from the Origins API. So the market tool stores the current market status in a table. A cronjob pulls the next market status 5 minutes later via Origins API. Then every shop is scanned for changes. If there is an item missing or an offer amount lower then before and the very same shop is still up it is counted as sale. Else not! So we got only 100% confirmed sales listed here. A shop is identified by the owner plus the opening datetime.
Some examples of sales which cant be listed:
  • Shop was opened with only one item or has only one item left which gets sold
  • All sales to a maximum of 5 minutes before vender is logged of.
  • All sales to a maximum of 5 minutes before a server restart (Because the shops get another opening datetime after server restart)
  • Personal Trades

How many Sales Does this Tool Track?

It tracks round about 35k sales per week.